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Critical Communication

Interoperability and coordinated communications between building occupants and first responders is critical in an emergency situation and is our priority. NSG provides solutions that facilitate intercommunications between occupants and public safety officials when it matters most. Our team will solve any problem you may have with bringing disparate systems together to form a unified platform.

Specifically, our educational suite includes the Rauland Telecenter IP – a proven communication system for emergency and critical notifications which can be initiated from phone, mobile, web browser or panic button, all while tracking which classrooms are checked in safe and those which aren’t during an event.  With Telecenter U Mapping, emergency classroom call-ins are illuminated on the map allowing administrators know exactly where the classroom is located via an interactive school floor plan. Importantly, the Rauland system is fully integrated and syncs with bells, clocks, calendars and schedules, and interfaces with intercom systems (singular or multi campus).

Rauland can be easily integrated with legacy systems as an upgrade, or implemented as a full IP solution; both with flexible migration.